Thank you to Summer Soulstice

On Monday 12th October 2015, some 32 people – all of them active in making Summer Soulstice 9 such an incredibly enjoyable and wonderful fundraising event – gathered at Cherry Lodge for a thank you evening.

Although it will not be Halloween until the end of the month, the lit-up pumpkin made a wonderful (off) centre piece for the table which, as on previous occasions, provided a gorgeous feast both for the eyes and for eating. Thank you again Jo for being so creative. It was also good to have the input of two therapists during the evening as their reflexology and head and neck massage were much appreciated by those lucky enough to get a treatment.

This was a very relaxed evening, without any speeches, but the message was clear: THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to the amazing Soulstice crew as well as to the Cherry Lodge volunteers who helped on Soulstice day in a variety of ways.

Thank you also to everybody who made this ‘Thank you to Summer Soulstice‘ such a successful and enjoyable evening.

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