Spiritual healing is a natural process that can help people feel more relaxed, re-energised and at peace within themselves. The channelling of healing energies through a healer to another person enables that person to deal with an illness or injury in the best possible way for them.

Spiritual healing can be helpful in a wide range of physical and psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions. As well as relieving physical and emotional pain, healing is noted for initiating improvements in a person’s attitude of mind, clarity of thought and quality of life.

During a Spiritual Healing session, you may experience a variety of sensations, perhaps warmth or coldness, tingling or pressure. You may feel a pain coming to the surface and then dispersing as healing goes to work. Some people feel little more than a warmth, but the process is no less effective. There are also other effects such as experiencing colours, or emotional release.

Spiritual Healing can:

  • Work alongside orthodox care
  • Aid relaxation
  • Raise energy levels
  • Increase physical and emotional strength
  • Bring pain relief
  • Improve well-being

How is Spiritual Healing done?

At Cherry Lodge, Spiritual Healing is generally provided on a one-to-one basis. A session will last for between fifteen minutes and half an hour.

To receive healing, it is usual to sit in a chair. However, if this too uncomfortable, the recipient may lie down.

The healer will begin by explaining the process and giving guidelines on how best to relax during the session. The channelling of ‘energies’ is achieved through ‘grounding’ and ‘atunement’ by the healer. In this way, the healing that is channelled to the recipient is precisely what that person ‘requires’ at that time.

The healer works slowly about the body, usually working with his or her hands a short distance away from the recipient. Sometimes, with consent, the healer will give a light touch.

Does a person need faith?

People do not need faith for Spiritual Healing to succeed. Healers work with a wide range of philosophies. Nothing special is expected of the recipient except perhaps openness to anything that happens, and a degree of trust in themselves and the healer.

Distant healing, which may be regarded as prayer or mediation, can also be arranged.

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