Milly Day for Cherry Lodge Members

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care sends a big thank you to Milly Days for making Thursday 23rd July 2015 a special day for a group of our members. The Milly Days charity gives ‘people who are in need of some peace and a chance to recharge’ the opportunity to spend a sponsored day at a wonderful riverside property on the banks of the Thames in Buckinghamshire. Our party had a wonderful time, as Margaret Clark’s account makes clear.

A magnificent day out

What an exciting day this proved to be. Like participants in a day trip from school we piled onto the coach, 32 of us in all including Yvonne, Lindsey and me, Margaret, as escorts. A most comfortable coach took us in just over an hour to this amazing house on the banks of the Thames near Cookham.

The welcome was so warm and touching there was no way one didn’t immediately feel at home. Lola the dog added to the overall feeling of being with friends. We ate, we drank, we went down slides, we made huge splashes in the magnificent pool. The care and attention to every detail was truly overwhelming and all the helpers (and this includes the coach driver and the boatman) could not have done more to make this a day to be remembered.

The highlight, for most of us, was a trip on the boat, which was so exciting that some people had two bites of that particular cherry. We all really looked the part in our life jackets! Many of the people on this Cherry Lodge Milly Day experience difficult and painful issues in their day-to-day lives, coping with their physical symptoms and other problems – but just for today these were all forgotten.

It seems impossible adequately to thank our hosts for their enormous generosity but I will try. Thank you to all for this fantastic outing. I, for one, will never forget this magnificent day.

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