To keep our shops looking good, our customers happy and our members well provided for, we sell a wide range of items.

Our Range of Goods

We rely on, and are grateful to, our many donors for keeping our shops well stocked with attractive items that they no longer want but which others can use and may even love!

Quality goods We need an ongoing supply of quality goods, such as:

  • clothes, handbags, shoes
  • jewellery
  • books, CDs, DVDs, games
  • household items, ornaments

Damaged goods We can also make money from damaged books and torn or worn out items of clothing. These goods are sold by weight to a rag merchant.

Electrical items We are able to take some electrical goods, such as flat screen TVs, stereos, lamps and computer consoles, as we are able to call on the services of a qualified electrician to check that they are safe.

Furniture We sell larger items of furniture, including:

  • occasional tables
  • book cases
  • dining tables and chairs
  • wardrobes
  • easy chairs, sofas, three-piece suites (which must all have fire safety labels)

Large furniture is sold in our Borehamwood Shop and can be collected from your home by the Cherry Lodge van. Collection is free in the local area but there is a a small charge, based on postcodes, for further afield. Please call the Borehamwood Shop Manager, Daryl Forster, on 020 8953 1094 to arrange a collection.