Thank you to our London Marathon runners and all their supporters!

On Sunday 21st April 2024, after many weeks of training, six highly motivated runners took part in the tcs 2024 London Marathon to raise funds for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care. Running for us this year were: Callum Burns, Lucy Lee, William Murchison, Joe Patrick, Andrew Shoreman, and Artan Taraboshi. We congratulate them all on successfully completing the course and achieving times just under or over the four hour mark. Click here for details posted on the CL website on Marathon day and how to access our runners’ fundraising pages

One day later, two of our runners – Callum and Lucy – took up the offer always made to our London Marathon participants to visit the Cherry Lodge centre for a soothing treatment, refreshments and to receive their Cherry Lodge London Marathon medals in person. Our group photograph below shows Steve (volunteer reflexologist), Sarah (CL co-chair), Margaret (CL founder and veteran marathon runner), Andi (volunteer reflexologist), Tina (fundraising events coordinator, Lucy and Callum.

In conversation with Freddy (volunteer reporter and photographer), Lucy said that she had been amazed by her finish time of 3 hrs 54 mins (making her the fastest of the CL runners) as she had suffered from a painful arm for most of the run. What had kept her going was the thought of the very generous sponsorship she had received from her colleagues at Barclays and also from the bank’s match funding. Callum too found this, his first marathon extremely challenging. Despite having a very painful knee, he finished in a very encouraging 4 hrs 33 mins. He was carried along by the enthusiastic shouting, cheering and waving of the crowd and by the support of his girlfriend, who met him three times along the route.

One week on, the combined total raised so far by our runners (including Liam Pratt, whose run has been deferred until next year due to illness) is a truly wonderful £15,341. If you haven’t already made a donation and would like to do so, you can still access the runner’s Enthuse fundraising pages by clicking on their names in blue in the first paragraph above.

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care sends heartfelt thanks to all our runners and their many supporters. Without your support we would not be able to provide our wide range of cancer information and support services, without any charge, to the many people who need them, including family members and carers.