Psychobilly Kicked Back – and how!

‘Psychobilly Kicks Back Against Cancer’ was the brainchild of Ginger Meadham, who realised that he was well placed to raise a great sum of money for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care. With his contacts and expertise, Ginger put on a truly memorable psychobilly music festival to raise funds for us. The event was held on Saturday 4th February 2017 at The Fiddler’s Elbow in Kentish Town and featured eight great psychobilly bands – Frenzy, The Highliners, Guitar Slingers, Boston Rats, The Kopy Katz, El-Camino, the Jack O’Bones, and Thee Creepfreaks. The venue was lent free of charge, the bands played for free and many other people helped in other ways (see Ginger’s heartfelt note of thanks, below).

A huge thank you from Ginger Meadham!

“Hello world! And I mean that because you came from everywhere to support the Cherry Lodge cancer night. I was so taken aback by the sold out house and the superb bands that all gave 100% and more. It was like one big family. The fun never stopped and neither did the money you kept giving. I really was touched by it all.

A massive thanks to every band that smashed it, gave their best work and had fun doing it while raising money. Also to Peter Presley for his work on the page, to Julian Lewis for the auction and raffle and I can’t forget the months of work and calls done by the missus, Amanda Meadham, while I was ill myself. A big thanks too to Dan from the Fiddler’s Elbow and to the sound guys who worked for free as well. All your donations and auction gifts were the best. Many thanks also to Philip Doyle and Steve Whitehouse whose offer of free equipment saved us more money and to Rium Thailand Rium of London who gave up a night off to do massages and donated all profits from it to us. Thank you too to Jackie Jenkins for looking after the door with Amanda.

And last but not least I would like to thank Cherry Lodge for the great work they do helping so many people and giving their own services for free. It was an honour to represent you and we say good luck from the psychobilly world. Keep it going, we’re right behind you. And here is why we’re right behind you. We raised £3112.18 and we thank you all from every country, every band and every single person. And I personally want to thank you all for coming out for me.

Ginger Meadham has gone quiet that’s a first. I’m humbled. We had it large. Big love to you all!”

… and another huge thank you from Cherry Lodge!

Monday 13th February 2107 saw the handing over of a fabulous big cheque by Ginger Meadham and family to Tina Papasavva, Cherry Lodge’s Fundraising Events Coordinator. Cherry Lodge was thrilled with the result and it is now our turn to send huge thanks to Ginger and family, and to everyone in the psychobilly world who helped support us!

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