Cherry Lodge Blanket Raffle Draw

December 23, 2014 @ 11:30 am – 11:45 am
The Cherry Lodge Centre
23 Union Street
Barnet, Greater London EN5 4HY
020 8441 7000

The Cherry Lodge blanket – composed of knitted squares, some plain and some striped but all toning beautifully to produce a harmonious whole – was produced by a group of members who took up their needles to knit together for an hour or so after Tuesday drop-ins.

Raffle tickets for the blanket, costing £2 each, have been on sale at Cherry Lodge since the beginning of October. As promised, the blanket was displayed for all to see at the Christmas Market on Saturday 29th November (see photograph, below). Sitting in front of the blanket, busy with her needles, was Kathryn, a founding member of the knitting group, whose members are already thinking about new projects for next year.

The draw for the blanket will take place at the pre-Christmas drop-in on Tuesday 23rd December.

CL blanket at Xmas Market