Building work – repairs and improvements

The Cherry Lodge Centre, Howard House, is closed to members from 17th March to 18th April 2016 to allow some important building work to take place.

For information about changes to our service provision during the closure, please click here.

The builders will be making the following repairs and improvements:

  • installation of a new boiler and overhaul of the central heating system
  • repairs to windows and installation of secondary double glazing to windows on ground floor
  • treatment of damp in rear wall
  • removal of wall between reception and the Andy Weekes room, putting in an RSJ and installing folding doors
  • new flooring on ground floor and in kitchen upstairs
  • new cupboards for storage
  • some redecoration

We apologise for the disruption that this programme of building work will cause but we are confident that it will lead to an improved experience for all users of the Centre. The work is being carried out using money from a bequest.

In case anyone was wondering why the building needed to be closed during the building work, do take a look at the photos, below. Things had to get worse before they get better. The first three photos were taken on 22nd March; the fourth on 30th March.

Click on the small images below to see larger, complete photographs.