Barnet Street Fair – a busy day at the CL shop

Barnet’s annual pre-Christmas Street Fair was held on Sunday 4th December 2016 and, once again, the weather could not have been better. The beautiful blue sky and bright sunlight enticed thousands of adults, children and assorted canines out of their warm houses into the streets to create a most festive atmosphere.

Numerous charities, including the Wood Green Animal Shelter and St John Ambulance, had stalls to inform the public about their function. Other stallholders concentrated on providing refreshments. Among the people selling mince pies and mulled wine on the Barnet Rotary Club stall (see photo 5, below) was Dan Orchard, Cherry Lodge’s webmaster. Had it not been quite so early in the day, it might have made sense for our reporter to buy a glass and keep out the cold – but temptations are there to be resisted!

There was lovely music all along the High Street and the many commercial stalls were loaded with sweets and other goodies – there really was something for everybody. The very bright light shone beautifully over the church as people waited for the next showing of Punch and Judy (photo 7).

This is the one Sunday in the year when the Cherry Lodge Barnet shop is open. The managers and volunteers had pulled out all the stops and it was quite difficult to get near enough to take a photograph. A most interesting array of woolly hats was on display and people were almost fighting over the cleverly provided mirror to check their new image. Inside the very busy shop, visitors were offered mince pies and a glass of mulled wine. Many thanks to all who helped to get the shop ready and worked inside and outside on this very busy Sunday.

A lovely day!

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