Barn Dance at Arkley

On Saturday 14th October 2017 the village hall in Arkley was alive with Cherry Lodge friends and families having a fun time dancing, jigging and foot tapping. It was lovely to see a whole range of ages in the room and almost everyone took part in the dancing.

The music was provided by the Ivel Valley Band, with brilliant playing throughout the evening by two guitarists and a fiddle player. The dancing was led by an energetic caller, who skilfully guided us through the steps of a wide variety of dances, from the traditional Barn Dance to Strip the Willow.

A very tasty ploughman’s supper was supplied by Victoria Bakery in Barnet.

This was a sell-out, fun-filled evening, much enjoyed by everyone who attended. Cherry Lodge sends a special thank you to all the volunteer helpers and to the guests who cleared the room and packed up the chairs in an instant at the end of the evening!

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