Win for Cherry Lodge at the London Academy

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care sends a big thank you to Alexandra, Sena, Andra, Mandy, Nawal, Jessica, Asiy and other members of 8C at the London Academy in Edgware. Form 8c came out top at this year’s First Give Charity Event at the school, winning £1,000 for Cherry Lodge in the final as well as raising another £200 in their community project. This money is greatly appreciated by Cherry Lodge and will be put to very good use, providing information and support services to local people affected by cancer – including family members as well as individuals who have been diagnosed with the disease.

Report from the School

Last night was the Final of First Give at the London Academy, Spur Road, Edgware.

On Tuesday 6th February 2018, Year 8 students participated in the annual First Give Charity Event. It is an opportunity for students to get involved in social issues affecting the local Barnet community. They have spent the last term learning about and meeting local charities that tackle important social issues such as homelessness, drug abuse, terminal illnesses and mental health. Form groups then chose the charity that they would like to represent, with the task of persuading a panel of external judges to give them £1,000 for that charity. Cherry Lodge won.

All Year 8 students have been working on the programme during form time since September, identifying social issues and researching the local charities that try to address them. Representatives from the various chosen charities came in to speak to the students and answer their questions. A lot of hard work was then put in by the groups of students chosen to present at the First Give Final.

The standard was incredibly high and, after a long time deliberating, the judges awarded the first prize of £1,000 to 8C, who represented Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, a local charity that supports people affected by cancer.