Soulstice delivers small cheque for a large sum

Three members of the Soulstice crew paid an important visit to the Cherry Lodge centre on Thursday 4th August 2016 to deliver a cheque for the proceeds from the very successful Summer Soulstice 10, held on Saturday 25th June 2016.

Our photograph, right, shows Cherry Lodge chairman, Dr Margaret Clark, receiving a ‘small cheque’ (i.e., a normal-sized cheque to be presented at the bank!) from Soulstice treasurer, Giles Pratt, accompanied by fellow crew members Richard Weekes and Dave James. The ‘large sum’ on this cheque was a hugely appreciated £38,500 (taking into account the fact that Cherry Lodge has already banked the £1,650 collected on the day by Cherry Lodge car parking attendants).

As previously reported, this year’s official Soulstice total is another fabulous £40,000, bringing the amount raised by Summer Soulstice since 2007 to a hugely impressive £215,000. Summer Soulstice is by far the biggest third-party supporter of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care and Soulstice money is used to pay the salary of Cherry Lodge’s ‘Soulstice’ outreach nurse, Kirsty Mabb, and also to finance the Cherry Lodge van.

Our photographs below show Giles, Richard and James at the small, informal tea party held in their honour on 4th August. They were joined by a group of Cherry Lodge members, staff, trustees, therapists and volunteers (with several people fitting into more than one of these categories!). Margaret spoke on behalf of everyone when she expressed Cherry Lodge’s gratitude to Summer Soulstice for their ongoing support. Special cakes, made for the occasion by volunteer Sue and handed round by Yvonne, were decorated with edible Soulstice sunglasses and tasted as good as they looked.

Soulstice crew members will be handing over their ceremonial ‘big cheque’ for £40,000 to representatives of Cherry Lodge at the Big Payback on August Bank Holiday Sunday, 28th August 2016. This annual post-Soulstice event, at the Black Horse pub in Wood Street, is always a lot of fun, so do please come and join us. As well as eight hours of great music there will be a barbecue and a good choice of craft beers and wines. The event is from 4pm until midnight, with the big cheque handover scheduled for 6.30pm. See the Summer Soulstice website for more information.

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