Coronavirus Update

March 2022: We are currently gradually reopening our Centre with great caution. Some complementary therapies have restarted but with fewer appointments available. Priority is being given to people who hare currently going through chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. Please also see Our Current Services and Activities page for up to date information.


Fully qualified therapists can provide a course of planned individual therapies, which will complement orthodox treatment by providing relief, relaxation and increased immune response. Therapies can also help a person regain control within their life.

Following an initial meeting with a Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse at Cherry Lodge, there will be an assessment and an opportunity to hear what support is available. You may then request, or we may offer you, a course of a particular therapy. Apart from Acupuncture and Spiritual Healing, therapy sessions usually last for approximately 45-50 minutes. We also provide appropriate short therapy sessions (to to be booked on the day) during our Drop-Ins.

At Cherry Lodge, we currently offer the following therapies, totally free of charge to Members.

Acupuncture (some appointments available)

A part of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture seeks to regulate and correct the imbalances of the body’s energy systems.

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Alexander Technique

A technique you can learn that will help you make best use of your available energy. By improving your balance, posture and coordination, the Alexander Technique will allow you to perform everyday activities more efficiently and help you cope with stress and physical problems.

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Aromatherapy & Massage

The aromatherapist will massage you with selected essential oils to promote relaxation and feelings of well-being. Aromatherapy may not be carried out on parts of the body that are undergoing radiotherapy.

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Indian Head Massage

This is a non-invasive form of therapeutic massage, with optional use of oils, which promotes symptomatic relief and deep relaxation.

Reflexology (some appointments available)

This therapy treats the whole body via the feet or hands. Reflexologists use their thumbs and fingers to apply gentle pressure to specific areas of the recipient’s feet or hands in order to promote healing elsewhere in the body.

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Reiki Healing (some appointments available)

Note; During the coronavirus pandemic Cherry Lodge members have been invited by the Reiki Association to receive Reiki Therapy via Zoom.

This is a form of healing which energises and balances the body’s energy centres through the hands of a trained healer.

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Spiritual Healing

The healer channels a life force into the recipient, which enhances the recipient’s own self-healing processes.

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