Pink Tombola in The Spires

On 21st October 2017, Cherry Lodge Cancer Care once again put up its Pink Barrow Tombola stall in The Spires Shopping Centre in Barnet. The purpose was not only to draw attention to national Breast Cancer Awareness Month but also to raise funds for the charity. The stall was decorated with pink banqueting roll and the prizes ranged from pink lemonade and champagne to pink cuddly toys and next year’s diaries.

A small sideshow was a donation of hand made cakes from Stacey Hart, who is currently appearing on television in the latest series of The Great British Bake Off. As was to be expected, her chocolate brownies were quite delicious and certainly helped to boost the takings.

Many members of the Barnet public enjoyed their innocent little gamble on our Pink Tombola and expressed interest in and support for the work of Cherry Lodge.

With many thanks to all who helped before, during and after this popular fundraising event – with a special thank you to those who stayed on through the afternoon despite being chilled by the Spires’ natural air conditioning!

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