CL Autumn 2019 Newsletter now online

The Autumn 2019 issue of Cherry Lodge News has now been sent to everyone on the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care mailing list. It is also possible, via this website, to download a pdf of the newsletter to read onscreen or to print out. Note that if you no longer wish to receive a copy of the newsletter by post, you can unsubscribe by contacting Tina by phone on 020 8441 7000 or by email.

This issue begins with an inspiring lead article entitled “It’s an Actor’s Life for Me” by Lynne C. (actress Lynette Clarke), whose acting debut with the National Theatre had to be put on hold for 18 months while she received treatment for breast cancer. Lynette became a member of Cherry Lodge and tells us that she “will continue to be eternally grateful” for the “love and support” she has received.

Cherry Lodge is delighted to have been chosen by the incumbent Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Caroline Stock, to be one of the two charities to benefit from the 2019-20 Mayor’s Appeal. In our Newsletter you can read why the Mayor selected Cherry Lodge. More information can be found elsewhere on our website as well as on the Mayor’s Appeal website. Proceeds from all Mayor’s Appeal events will be shared by Cherry Lodge Cancer Care and HomeStart Barnet.

Uplifting words on “Life” from Mother Teresa are followed by an account of this year’s “Big (indeed) Soulstice payback”, at which Cherry Lodge received its biggest ever Soulstice cheque – for a fantastic £45,000!  There is also a letter asking whether it is advisable to receive acupuncture and other therapies on the same day. Who better to answer this question than CL acupuncturist (and Chairman) Dr Margaret M. Clark? Other regular newsletter items are the “Bits and Pieces” noticeboard and a summary of “Our Services and Support”.

The Cherry Lodge newsletter is edited by Grant Whitaker, who writes: ‘If you would like to comment or provide us with some content please email me at or leave a note at Howard House.

Click here to access the complete Autumn 2019 newsletter.

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