Winter Quiz – a very successful evening!

A capacity crowd of quizzers took part in Cherry Lodge’s ever-popular Winter Quiz, which was held on Saturday 27th February 2016 at Church House, Mary Immaculate and St Peter Church, Somerset Road, Barnet.

Some 90 people put their brains into gear and there is no doubt that if brain activity had been measurable in decibels the hall would have been very noisy indeed. As always, the questions covered a wide range of interesting topics, providing an opportunity for some people to shine while giving their less well-informed team members a chance to learn something from them! Among the questions that our reporter found particularly challenging were: “Who was the only British Prime Minster to be assassinated?” (answer, Spencer Perceval in 1812); “Who was the second man to walk on the moon?” (answer, Buzz Aldrin); and “Which planet has 63 moons?” (answer, Jupiter). Nobody was able to answer the question, “Where did Clark Gable live while filming Gone with the Wind?”, because our reporter has just made this up!

The fish and chip/haloumi supper was greatly appreciated part way through the proceedings (as shown in several of our photos) and the cash bar did a roaring trade. As usual, the raffle provided a bit of fun and some extra funds for Cherry Lodge – helping Tina with the draw (see photo 6) was Morwenna, one of the youngest people at the quiz, who was unfortunately on crutches having twisted her ankle. At the end of the evening, Ruth McKay and friends were delighted when they realised that their table had won (see final photo, below), and even Kirsty’s losing table had a fantastic time (see them in photo 7, with their booby prize toilet rolls).

This was another fun-filled evening for all. Once again, we offer our heart-felt thanks to David, Dawn and Maureen Southon (shown from an interesting new angle in photo 2, below), without whose enthusiastic input this event could not have taken place. Thank you also to the staff members and volunteers who helped in various ways to ensure that our Winter Quiz evening was yet another very successful fundraising event for Cherry Lodge.

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