Still en route to Mongolia for Cherry Lodge

As posted previously on our website, Alex Mathews, Andrew (‘Wez’) Wells and Charlotte Churnside are currently taking part in the 2015 Mongol Rally to raise money for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, Cancer Research UK and Cool Earth. If you love an adventure and would like to help Cherry Lodge, please click on this JustGiving link.

You can follow Alex, Wez and Charlotte’s adventures on their Horse with No Name blog. Their most recent post (6th August), entitled Squeaking, Stealing, Swaying and Stalling, describes their journey on through Romania (using the dramatic Transfagarasan highway) and Bulgaria (in a single day) to reach Edirne in Turkey. Since then, things have gone a bit quiet as internet access in Turkey, Iran and the ‘-stans’ can be problematic. However, there has been no official Mongol Rally report to suggest that they have dropped out so I’m sure there will be lots more news in due course!

Visit our previous post for more details and more photos from the European leg of our team’s epic 12,000 mile trip. There is also a lot of general information, including dramatic photos and entertaining video clips on the Mongol Rally website.

Click on the small images below to see larger, complete photos.