Cherry Lodge’s 2017 Spring Quiz

On Saturday 6th May 2017, Cherry Lodge Cancer Care hosted another of its by now world famous quiz evenings. Held at the very welcoming church hall of Mary Immaculate and St Peter’s in Somerset Road, this Spring Quiz was attended by the intelligentsia (96 of them) of many different countries. The tickets for this evening could have been sold many times over, which might just mean that a further quiz needs to follow on the heels of this one, provided the excellent Quiz Family of David, Maureen and Dawn Southon agree to it!

A great deal of thought clearly goes into the preparation of the quiz and people were groaning, moaning and frowning to find the answers to Flags of the World, Famous Georges, Board Games, Famous Puppets and other such brain teasers. There were literary questions, sports questions (‘who is older, Venus or Serena Williams?’) and film questions (‘who was the love interest of Superman?’). At times the hall was eerily quiet while at others there was a lot of noise as people’s brains were working overtime. It is difficult to know how well the dog, Tag, coped with the difficult questions as he stayed under the table throughout!

The answer to the question ‘what is the name of the national anthem of the USA?’ is not, as many people thought, ‘TRUMP FIRST’. And yes, it is true that the Olympic Games have never been held in Africa. We were treated to a fascinating assortment of questions, which, should any one person know all the answers, might indicate just how full our brains are. The bar did a healthy trade and in general people had a hugely enjoyable time, with the fish and chips/haloumi supper offering a welcome break from the brain activity.

Sue Miller’s table number 1 (photo 5 below) won the quiz and earned lovely bars of chocolate, whereas table 9 (photo 6), led by Rose Whitaker, received the, always welcome, booby prize of good quality toilet rolls.

People were very generous in supporting the raffle which had five lovely prizes. A big thank you to everybody who supported this evening and helped run it so successfully. As always, special thanks to the Southons, who not only ran the quiz but also helped clear up afterwards (photo 8!).

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