Sponsored Swim in aid of Cherry Lodge

Sunday 11th June 2023 was a glorious day for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care’s Sponsored Swim at QE School, Barnet. The school has a wonderful pool and it was at least 15 years since we last suggested people shed their clothes and raise money for the charity while showing off their prowess in the water.

The event again proved very popular and around 20 people raised nearly £1,800 by either gently or furiously ploughing through the water. Their ages ranged from 7 to 70, the latter actually having his 70th birthday on the very day. Some people came on their own, others came as a family. Some people were happy with a few lengths of the pool, while others tore up-and-down doing 60 and more, apparently without tiring. One particularly energetic swimmer set herself the task of doing two miles. The proceedings were carefully supervised by lifeguard Michael who very kindly gave up his Sunday afternoon for Cherry Lodge.

All present were provided with cold drinks and fresh fruit which was much appreciated. Our photograph below shows Margaret, Claire and Freddy at the refreshment table. No other photos were permitted due to the school’s safeguarding policy.

Thank you to Ms Tara O.Reilly (Deputy Head operations) for allowing CL to hold this event in the school’s super pool and to all participants for making it such an enjoyable event. Also, of course, thank you to Tina for organising it plus her ever-helpful volunteers.