Richard Kelly Unsung Hero

Included here, as a tribute to Richard, are a few words from Freddy Kater.

One of the strengths and backbone of Cherry Lodge has always been the many people who work in the background and make the charity what it is.

One of these, undoubted, Unsung Heroes was Richard Kelly who, without ever allowing a single word of acknowledgement, produced the excellent newsletter as well as the, very important, annual report.

Many, many moons ago when CL still functioned at the old portakabin at Elmbank and produced a fairly tatty looking newsletter and long before I became the editor, Richard had said to Margaret, who gave him acupuncture at the time, “I can do better than that as I am a graphic designer”. No wiser word was ever spoken – he made the newsletter look respectful, colourful and professional and, when submitting the material to be included I would just ask for “something unusual in shape” or say “can you try and make that look less boring”. He would and it did! If I ever suggested something he didn’t think appropriate he would certainly let me know and I never ever failed to appreciate his judgement.

For a number of reasons all my communications with Richard took place via email but, over the many years, I developed a good, reliable, professional relationship with him and it was therefore a dreadful shock that Richard entered hospital at the end of November and died on 5th January 2018 from unexpected complications of surgery. It is difficult to express just how deeply saddened I am by his death. It had already been decided that issuing the February newsletter was not an option while Richard was in hospital and clearly things will now never be the same again.

I know that all at Cherry Lodge will want to join me in sending deeply felt condolences to all his family and friends for the loss of this very talented and amazing man.