Pink Tombola 2021

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care’s annual Pink Tombola event was held, as always, at The Spires, Barnet in October. Its purpose is to increase awareness of breast cancer during national Cancer Awareness month and also to raise much needed money to help fund CL’s many services for people affected by all types of cancer.

This year’s very enjoyable and successful event was held on Saturday 9th October, exactly a year after the previous one. Who would have thought then that in 2021 we would still be holding our Pink Tombola event under Covid rules and regulations?

Compared with last year the weather was most pleasant and the hundreds of pink gifts donated by our very generous supporters attracted a steady stream of people keen to try their luck. The usual system of drawing tickets from a bucket (a possible Covid risk) was again replaced by the clever invention of Annys and Kim. The draw was from a polystyrene board with some 1000 holes in it, each hole containing a stick to be pulled out. Sticks with a red tip won a prize.

The stall was packed with hundreds of lovely pink prizes and a great many people tried their luck over a period of several hours. Among the pink soaps and little bags, scarves, hats, gloves, and lots of bottles, there was one bottle of pink gin, which, it has to be said, attracted many. This much coveted prize was first won by a young girl – but as she was with her grandmother the latter kindly offered to take the gin while the girl won another prize more to her liking!

It was good to see so many people come to our CL stall and, in a way, welcome us back. It was quite obvious that many had missed seeing CL volunteers and that it was comforting to see that we are still very much in evidence, albeit not yet fully back to normal.

As usual, we extend our thanks to all who responded to CL’s plea for pink donations and to the staff and volunteers who made this another successful fundraising event when, as we all know, this has been a very difficult year to put on any such events. And finally thank you to all who bought tickets and so assisted in emptying the board of its sticks and raising over £500 for Cherry Lodge’s much needed cancer information and support services.

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