London Marathon 2017 – initial report

It is currently predicted that the fundraising efforts of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care’s team of runners in the 2017 Virgin London Marathon, held on Sunday 23rd April, will result in a new CL record total for this event. Thank you to all our runners and those who have supported them. Several runners still have active online fundraising pages, which can be accessed by clicking on their names: Steven Bradley, Danny Hart, Anita Patel-Rodrigues, Giles Pratt and Daniel Tate.

On the Monday evening after the Marathon, Giles Pratt visited the CL centre for a much-needed post-Marathon massage and to give us a good look at his Marathon medal and finisher shirt. We also had a most interesting chat. Giles, who ran and finished his second London marathon in 4 hours 5 minutes, stated, not so unequivocally, that this is definitely the last time he will run: “Never again, well, perhaps in two years’ time I might reconsider”.

Giles, who had trained hard and was well prepared for the 26.2 gruelling miles, told us that he feels very comfortable in colder weather but that on Sunday the temperature just got too much for him. Perspiring profusely (or do runners sweat?) probably meant he lost too much water and electrolytes but, despite this, he managed to run/walk the last eight miles. Giles saw his wife and managed to have a cuddle with her on at least two occasions during the run. His fundraising for Cherry Lodge has been amazing and so far he has raised nearly £8,000, with the figure still rising.

Further information will be posted on the Cherry Lodge website once the final total is known, at which time all our runners will be informed and given a CL certificate and medal.