Kate’s Channel Challenge – please sponsor her 22-mile big swim!

Kate Burdett (aka Murphy), a member of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, has signed up for a novel fundraising challenge to thank Cherry Lodge for its ongoing support (see her story below).

Over a two-week period, starting on 3rd October 2018, Kate will be swimming 22 miles at her local swimming pool – a distance equivalent to crossing the English Channel. Please visit Kate’s JustGiving page to sponsor her and raise funds to help Cherry Lodge Cancer Care continue its good work.

Kate’s Story

“As many of you are aware I have battled cancer and am currently winning! After lots of surgery I have what will hopefully be the last big one coming up next year and want to give something back while I’m fit and able before the big op. Cherry Lodge in Barnet is an independent cancer charity who have supported me since my initial diagnosis and continue to do so.

As a thank you I am raising money for them by completing a Channel Challenge in October which will involve swimming 22 miles over a two week period at my local pool. I hope you are able to support me and this wonderful charity!  Many thanks x”