Hope and Glory Brunch 2016

On Sunday 21st August 2016, the last day of the Rio Olympic Games, Myra (at left in photo 1, below) and Norman (at left in featured photo, right) held a most memorable ‘Hope and Glory Brunch in their wonderful house and garden. As in previous years this most enjoyable event was held to raise money for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care and also for Parkinson’s UK.

The day’s focus was undoubtedly the delicious brunch and the non-stop service from the tea and coffee bar, the latter run by Cherry Lodge volunteers. Equally busy were the two therapists providing reflexology and head and neck massage/reiki, which they carried out against the backdrop of the truly stunning garden with its very relaxing water features. Entertainment was provided by a remarkable singer whose lovely voice carried well over the chatter and laughter of the audience.

Words of thanks, with an explanation of the purpose of each charity, were given by Carole (at right in photo 1, below) on behalf of Parkinson’s and by Margaret for Cherry Lodge. They were followed by Myra, who thanked everyone for supporting this event so generously. The proceedings included an extensive raffle with some excellent prizes and an impressive auction conducted most ably by Norman and his great friend Brian. Although Archie the spaniel had to be excluded from most of the proceedings he was eventually joyfully welcomed in and showed his appreciation by hoovering up dropped titbits with relish.

Thank you so much Myra and Norman for, once again, being such wonderful and generous hosts.

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