Football match for Cherry Lodge

Staff and volunteers at Cherry Lodge are always thrilled to hear of a fundraising event put on to help support us and the services we provide. It was such an event, on Sunday 2nd August 2015, that brought out football players from the Fenwicks and John Lewis stores at Brent Cross. Here they all were, accompanied by work colleagues, friends and family, on a beautiful summer’s evening, at the Power League football centre in Mill Hill. Even though the teams were playing for charity, this was a serious game with both sides wanting to show their skills and desperate to win. The whole event was great fun, with an awful lot of laughter and generosity.

Each player kindly donated £10 to Cherry Lodge to play in the game and the supporters were continuously adding to the collection tin throughout the evening. Whilst the final amount raised is not yet known, one ardent Tottenham fan added to the figure by paying £50 a for signed Spurs pennant.

During the game, loud shouts of encouragement emanated from all members of the small crowd. After an exhausting 40 minutes, it was the John Lewis team who, ultimately, came out on top. However, with apologies to football fans everywhere, it was not who won that was really important. To everyone at Cherry Lodge it was the fact that people had given of their time, made a donation and undoubtedly exhausted themselves for this their ‘local charity for local people’.

Thank you to everyone involved; not just those who participated in the game, but also to the crowd of supporters, the organisers of the event and, of course, those who made the many generous donations to Cherry Lodge. It is people like these who enable us to continue our work and be there for everyone living with cancer, their families and carers.

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