Flower Arranging by Your London Florist

This excellent demonstration of seasonal flower arranging by Your London Florist of Southgate was the second ingredient of the very successful Autumn ‘Flowers and Food’ event held on Monday 19th October 2015 to raise funds for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care.

At lunchtime it seemed that the morning demonstration of Lebanese cookery would be a hard act to follow. However, I need not have worried – everyone was in for another treat. The afternoon demonstration was totally different but equally inspiring and well presented.

Our demonstrators for the afternoon were Migle, who set up Your London Florist four years ago, and Karen, her very talented manager. Not only did we see the creation of a very imaginative and beautiful floral table display, we were given very clear instructions on how to attempt something similar ourselves.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up soon, we were perhaps not surprised to see that, over lunchtime, the display table was decked with lovely orange pumpkins, one of which would be chosen to become the ‘vase’. At the other end of the table was an attractive selection of foliage, flowers and berries offering a good choice of shapes and a seasonal palette of green, orange, gold and red.

It was fascinating to watch Karen building her fabulous display and to be told exactly what she was doing and why. For at least one person in the audience, whose flower arranging has not yet progressed beyond sticking a bunch of supermarket flowers in a glass vase, Karen’s demonstration was an inspiration. it now seems quite possible that I might be able to line a pumpkin with cellophane, to use oasis to hold and provide water for the plants, to use leaves and flowers with thick stems early on in the creative process, to balance the colours and to make sure that the display looks good from whichever direction it will be seen.

Once Karen’s display was completed, it was held up for all to see and the decision was made to offer it for auction to raise additional funds for Cherry Lodge. The winning bid, of £48, was made by Kathleen, who is shown with Migle and Karen in the penultimate photo, below. There was also a raffle with some tempting prizes.

Thank you very much indeed to Migle and Karen for such an enjoyable experience. We look forward to seeing you again!

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