Farm visit enjoyed by Cherry Lodge members

On Saturday 13th August 2022 – surely one of the hottest days of the year – a group from Cherry Lodge Cancer Care visited Pages Stud Farm, situated near Elstree aerodrome. Our party, made up of eight CL members, a member of staff, Margaret and a CL volunteer, was joined by Nathalie, the owner, and Barbara, an amazing farm volunteer. A most enjoyable guided tour and an opportunity to handle some of the animals were followed by delicious refreshments.

The most energetic member of the group was undoubtedly Peggy, a Pygmy goat, who joined us wherever we went. Most of the other animals, humans included, seemed somewhat lethargic in the heat. It was lovely to be shown around by farm volunteer Barbara, who is very knowledgeable about the animals. She also entertained us with quite a few stories. including telling us how the three, excessively noisy, cockerels had arrived on the farm, namely by having been dumped across one of the fences in a box.

It sadly proved impossible to take any decent photos of the meerkats, who were acquired as rescue animals. They were full of beans and would not sit/stand still for even the shortest of time. The ferrets, on the other hand, dumped over the fence one muddy, wintry night, were happy to be handled and most of the group had a go! Thankfully, everybody still had the requisite number of fingers by the end.

Being surrounded by animals, including alpacas, goats, miniature horses, and pigs at Pages Stud Farm, is a therapeutic experience. Despite the intense heat, a sense of healing was what we all felt when we returned to our boiling hot cars. It had been a lovely afternoon. Thank you so much Nathalie and Barbara for making us all so very welcome. Perhaps the next time we will choose a cooler day!

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