Families Fun and Fundraising Day at Borehamwood

What a difference the weather makes!  Last year’s Families Fun Day at Borehamwood was a complete washout. This year, 27th June was a real summer’s day, which brought a large number of adults, children and dogs of all shapes and sizes to Meadow Park to have fun and spend money at dozens of charity stalls, including ours (see right and the first photo below).

It was hugely enjoyable to see so many having fun, watching the ‘strongest man on earth’ performing his feat of supporting 24 yellow buckets precariously balanced on a thick wood and steel platform on his head. Elsewhere huge bubbles were created, so enormous they almost engulfed the smaller kids.  A man on stilts looked spectacular but moved too fast to be photographed!

This fun day is all about fundraising and there was a large number of charities present, ranging from Borehamwood Museum to Scouts, all tempting visitors to part with their money. Cherry Lodge’s two stalls made an amazing £384 as well as providing an opportunity for us to be able to answer some important cancer-related questions from members of the public.

All in all it was a lovely day – and not having to pay for the car park undoubtedly made a big difference. A thank you to the organisers and everybody involved. A day to remember!

Click on the small images below to see larger, complete photographs.