CL Shop open for Barnet Street Fair

Sunday 6th December 2015 was a special day for Barnet, being the day of the annual Barnet Street Fair and also the one Sunday in the year when the Barnet Cherry Lodge charity shop is open.

The almost seaside weather (wind and rain) did not put people off and both the High Street and The Spires were pretty crowded with well-wrapped up adults, children and dogs! Outsize balloons decorated with a variety of Christmas images added to the festive effect of the colourful displays on the many stalls. A favourite with this particular visitor was the artisan bread stall! Near the Spires there was a much visited merry-go-round and further along, near the church, a Punch and Judy show drew appreciative crowds.

The Cherry Lodge shop did a roaring trade in woolly hats (as was the case last year). Additional funds were raised by raffling a beautifully decorated cake, specially made for the occasion by the manager’s daughter. The mince pies and mulled wine were offered free, courtesy of TSB Barnet.

As usual, many thanks to staff and volunteers (especially the woolly hat salesperson!) for giving up their time and allowing the shop to be open. Thank you also to the cake baker and to TSB Barnet.

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