CL 2023 AGM presenting the 2022 Annual Report and Financial Summary

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care was held at Howard House, 23 Union Street, Barnet on Tuesday 12th December. This was the first open Cherry Lodge AGM to be held since 2019, with other arrangements for public scrutiny having been made in the interim due to pandemic restrictions. The meeting, attended by trustees, staff members and volunteers, was chaired by CL Trustee, Sarah Armitage, on behalf of CL Chairman, Dr Margaret Clark, who was unable to attend due to illness. Sarah welcomed and thanked attendees, including CL’s auditor Andrew Geary, who would present the 2022 financial report.

In her address, Sarah described how Margaret had set up our charity 27 years ago, as a retirement project. Since then, under Margaret’s leadership, Cherry Lodge has earned huge respect in the local community for the excellence of its services. At the end of 2023, the 2022 Annual Report contains much of what now seems like ‘old news’, and Sarah suggested that people should read their copies at leisure. Instead, Sarah brought people up to date on how much Cherry Lodge services and fundraising had recovered and moved on during the course of the current year.

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Annual Report 2022

Click here to access our 2022 Annual Report.

Financial Summary 2022

Click here to access a copy of the CL Summary Statement of Financial Activities for the Year Ended 31st December 2022. More detailed financial information for 2022 and 2023 is available on request.