Cherry Lodge Supporters’ Evening

Once again, the Chairman, trustees and staff of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care invited major sponsors of the charity, especially the Soulstice crew, to attend a Supporters’ Evening at Howard House. The event, on Monday 15th October 2018, was an opportunity to say a big thank you for all the support the charity receives during the year and also to enjoy another lovely buffet prepared by the ever-imaginative Joanna DeFries.

This year has been an amazing one, which could never have been predicted. Following a truly outstanding 2018 Summer Soulstice festival, a dreadful burglary took place and all the day’s takings were stolen. Subsequent crowdfunding (raising £27,000 by 1st September) and other fundraising events enabled the Soulstice crew to hand over another big cheque, for £35,000, to support Cherry Lodge in all its hard work. This brought the total raised for Cherry Lodge by the Soulstice crew since their first event in 2007 to a phenomenal £285,000!

Towards the end of the evening, Dave James, Chairman of Soulstice, expressed his gratitude to everybody involved in the fundraising, including local schools, coffee bars, dance companies and numerous individuals. Then, on a very personal note, Dave added that since he has become a member of Cherry Lodge because of his own illness, he has seen just what an amazing charity it is. Margaret Clark, Chairman of Cherry Lodge, also said a few words of thanks.

Regrettably, late holidays and health issues meant that fewer people than hoped for were able to attend. However, this was a very pleasant evening, with lively conversations, a copious buffet, and the offer of relaxing head and neck massages and reflexology by four Cherry Lodge therapists, namely Annys, Loretta, Meriel and Prasanna.

As always, we send a big thank you to the Soulstice crew, who continue to support us in so many ways, and also to the numerous volunteers without whom we would not be able to function. Members of staff also should know how much they are appreciated!

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