Cherry Lodge Christmas Quiz

Supporters of Cherry Lodge Cancer Care were treated to a festive Christmas Quiz via Zoom on Sunday 19th December 2021. Thank you to Tina for organising this event, which raised a total of £350 to help fund Cherry Lodge’s much needed services. A big thank you is also due to Quiz Master Jem (Jeremy Silverstone of Purple Marketing Communications) for setting us a wide range of interesting and challenging questions, presenting the questions so clearly and attractively, hosting the evening with great efficiency and charm, and for making a generous donation.

The quiz comprised six rounds of questions, two screen teasers for the interval, and four individual spot prizes awarded for being the first to send Jem a correct answer via Chat. Round 1, entitled ‘Life in Colour’, included questions as varied as the colour of a female blackbird, the colour of the middle stripe on the German flag, and the name of Beyoncé’s daughter. Next up was ‘In the News’, including an easy question for followers of TV’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (see below) and a jokey question about why camels had been disqualified from a competition in Saudi Arabia (over-use of beauty aids including botox!). Round 3, ‘Cheers’, was a perfect choice for the festive season, looking for answers including Manhattan, Margarita, China and tapioca!

The two interval teasers could scarcely have been more different: first, identifying 10 of London’s tallest buildings from the descriptions provided; and then three mathematical puzzles to test how well or little some of us had listened and learned in maths lessons at school.

After the interval, round 4, ‘On This Day’, brought together a diverse collection of facts about events that had taken place on 19th December, ranging from the coronation of Henry II in 1154 (fortunately we were asked only for the century!), to how old footballer and TV presenter Jimmy Hill would have been if he had lived to celebrate his birthday this year (answer 93, he died aged 87 on 19th December 2015). Round 5 ‘WWTBAM’ consisted of multiple choice questions based on the format of the TV quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, with question 1 worth 1 point up to question 10 worth 10 points.

The final round, ‘Christmasmusicmashup’, was as the name suggests a music round, allowing us to listen and identify popular Christmas songs, see and identify photos of the stars who sang them, and earn ‘mash up’ points by running titles and artists’ names together (for example, Frosty the Snowman and Manfred Mann in the example below).

As previously, the two most important reasons for holding this quiz were to enjoy a fun evening and to raise money for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care. However, the competitive element is not without importance. Congratulations are extended and prizes will be delivered to our worthy winners: in 1st place, with 289 points, were The Smiles; joint 2nd, with 267 points, were The Boys are Back in Town, and The Littles; followed in 3rd place, with 259 points, by The Herberts. Even those of us with much less impressive scores thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were pleased to have this opportunity to support Cherry Lodge Cancer Care.

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