These appointments are intended primarily for people who are having chemotherapy. They offer greater privacy and understanding than may be found in the average hairdressing salon. This service is free of charge.

Please contact Lorraine to make an appointment,


We have a small selection of Buffs in a variety of designs and colours for sale at the Centre. A Buff is a tubular piece of Microfibre headwear which can be worn in a variety of ways. It is seam- and hem-free and therefore less likely to irritate the scalp. It can be worn on its own or dressed up with a scarf.

Please ask Lorraine or Fiona to show you what we have available.


We are able to provide information to help with the care of your wig and can suggest suitable retailers if you would like to purchase one

We have a small number of wigs available at Cherry Lodge. Please ask Lorraine or Fiona if you are interested.

Hair/Wig Workshop

From time to time we are able to offer the opportunity to join us at one of our Hair/Wig Workshops. The workshop includes advice on how to care for different types of wig as well as advice on eyebrows and lashes. Wigs can be styled or cut and advice is also given for the in-between stage when hair is growing back.